5 Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Posted by Emily Watson on Jan 30, 2019 11:01:45 AM
Emily Watson


Another year has passed, which means an open road ahead of us to be on the lookout for the latest trends and technologies in marketing.  This is a fast-paced business. Things are constantly changing from day to day. What might have been “in” last year, could be gone completely, or revamped for the next year. To bring in the new year, we wanted to showcase some of the top marketing trends you will be seeing in 2019. These articles give great insight on what the future of marketing looks like. You won’t want to miss these trends:

  1. Using Chatbots 
  2. Brand Authenticity
  3. Interactive Video
  4. Content is King
  5. Gen Z

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Chatbots For Your Business - Chatbots Magazine 

You may have started seeing or hearing about Chatbots this past year. This year, they will continue to be a growing trend. Chatbots are great way to help companies stay connected with customers 24-7. Customer service is essential, and not everyone feels comfortable picking up the phone. These bots can also help save a company money. About 75% of internet users are adopting one or more of these messenger platforms. It only makes sense that they are one of 2019’s top marketing trends. Check out the benefits of adding a Chatbot to your website or social platform.

Brand Authenticity: Why Differentiation is a Game Changer - Forbes

Today’s marketplace is very competitive and saturated with a LOT of products, brands and content. What’s that mean for businesses? They must be authentic and stand out from the crowd. So how does a company stand out in today’s easy-to-blend-into market? The answer is differentiation. Check out how differentiation is a game changer for 2019.

What is Interactive Video? - wyzowl

Video marketing has been very popular for years. But what does 2019 have in store for us? Something even better of course. Interactive videos are not just your normal videos. The newest trend gives you, the viewer, the ability to interact with the video itself. It’s more engaging and memorable. You may have started seeing 360 videos popping up in your social news feeds lately. You will be seeing a lot more of these types of videos in the upcoming year, and rightfully so. Read more here.

Why Content is King in Today's Market - Marketing Donut

Years ago, consumers would pick up the phone to contact your sales team to talk about your products and services. Today’s, it’s a completely different process. As I’m sure many of you can relate, we tend to skip calling, and go right to the internet for answers. We don’t want to be sold to. We want answers, and we want them now. That is why relevant content is a KEY marketing trend of 2019. Don’t position your company as “the greatest company because”, but instead show your customers and potential customers how you can add value to what they are looking for, making you indispensable. Check out this great article. 

How To Structure Your 2019 Social Media Campaigns to Appeal to Gen Z - Entrepreneur

The past few years have focused a lot of marketing efforts towards Millennial's. Well, there’s a new kid in town: Generation Z (also known as Generation iPad or The iGeneration). Born in 1997 and later, this generation was raised with a device in their hand and a constant stream of information available to them at all times. Social media has a HUGE presence in their lives. Marketing to them isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Here is all you need to know about what will make your business stand out to them.

A lot of these trends you have heard about before, and it probably won't be the last time. Things are always evolving. Regular video has turned into interactive video. Sales-centric marketing has geared towards customer-centric. There is a TON of information out there. I hope this article gave you a quick insight into what the next 12 months will bring in the marketing world. As always, stay tuned on more fun marketing tips and tricks we have for you. Do you have questions about this article or anything about marketing in general? Contact us here. We are always happy to answer questions. Be sure to follow our blog for other great marketing tools.

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Posted by Emily Watson

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