The Friday Five: Event Marketing Basics: Tips for Marketing Your Event Successfully

Posted by Josh Sherretts on Sep 21, 2018 6:44:53 PM
Josh Sherretts
Friday Five V2It’s Friday late afternoon and you’re either leaving work, on your way home, or (hopefully) on your way to an awesome event to ring in the weekend. Nearly every small businesses, nonprofit, and tourist attraction relies on holding events to bring customers through their doors or raise money to fund their missions.

From Chambers of Commerce holding wine walks and festivals to retail trunk shows and vendor-led classes, it’s vital to your bottom line to use events to bring people through the door - but how do you increase your chances for success? This week's Friday Five is focused on Event Marketing Basics: Tools and Tips for Marketing Your Event Successfully. Here are five great resources to help you not only pull off your next function, but watch it grow:

  1. How to Promote an Event Using Video: 7 Steps to Video Marketing
  2. Event Promotion: 100 Creative (Free and Cheap) Ideas to Try Now
  3. How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide
  4. How to Use Hashtags Before, During, and After Your Event
  5. How to Add a Facebook Virtual Event to Your Launch Strategy 

How to Promote an Event Using Video: 7 Steps to Video Marketing - Event Manager Blog

Video is becoming more and a more prevalent and affordable (or free) tool in gaining social media engagement. From teaser clips to Facebook Live posts, video is a great way to gain attention, sell event tickets, and convert followers into promoters of your events. It is, however, often an area many feel uncomfortable jumping into. Here are seven steps to jumping into the video marketing pool, making the perfect draw for your upcoming event on a budget!

Event Promotion: 100 Creative (Free and Cheap) Ideas to Try Now – Event Manager Blog

Okay, so we went to the same source twice in this edition of the Friday Five (stick with us…there is a good reason). We all know marketing is key in getting people to your event. Have you ever wished though that there was a neato-spiffy chart explaining the cost per person or click for various advertising platforms? From email and social to direct mail, Event Manager Blog brings you just that in this article.

How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide - HubSpot

We’ve already talked about how easy and cost-effective utilizing video to market your upcoming event can be. The barrier to entry couldn’t be lower, however, than with Facebook Live. For the sum cost of your cell phone and a willing victim…ahem…we mean “Facebook Live celebrity” from your business or organization, it’s simple to be online and engaging with your followers in minutes. This works perfectly for event promotions, quizzes and giveaways (due to the interactive nature of FB while the video is recording and streaming), and more. HubSpot tells us not only how to use Facebook Live for this purpose, but how to use it effectively for marketing and promotion.

How to Use Hashtags Before, During, and After Your Event - Eventbrite

You may already think hashtags are #thebeesknees for posting photos of your pets, restaurant meals, or significant others on Instagram, but if used correctly, you can turn social media marketing viral with a catchy and creative hashtag. In this post, Eventbrite teaches us how to create relevant, unique, short, and easy to understand hashtags to get people excited for your next event.

How to Add a Facebook Virtual Event to Your Launch Strategy – Social Media Examiner

Perhaps you aren’t holding a physical event, but would love to host a virtual one? This is common for organizational open houses, product launches, fundraisers, conferences and more. The software platforms for virtual events can often price this option out of the park for many businesses or nonprofits. What if you could promote and host a virtual event on Facebook? The social media platform is a great tool for marketing as you know, but when used creatively it’s capable of quite a bit more.

We completely get how overwhelming pulling off the perfect event is from a small workshop to a fundraiser for hundreds. Choosing a venue, food, and every other aspect of event planning is stressful enough. We’re here to help you take a deep breath and make the marketing and promotion easy. Be sure to follow our blog for other great strategies and tools for your business or organization. 

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Posted by Josh Sherretts

Josh Sherretts is co-owner and VP of Business Development at Bull Moose Marketing. He has spent over a decade assisting museums, non-profit organizations, and others with fundraising, strategic planning, and marketing. His skill set includes managing capital campaigns, marketing strategies, and team building to achieve both fiscal and reputational growth. Josh is a regular speaker at conferences, presenting digital marketing strategies and technology tools in both the nonprofit and tourism sectors. He is an occasional contributor to NPR and has authored two books on local history. He spends his free time with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Rosemarie.